Nathaniel Russell Interview


where do you live and what’s it like?
i live in indianapolis, indiana. i grew up on the south side but now i live more north. it’s a good place to live. mellow as you want it to be, things to get into if you feel like it. there’s a lot more happening than when i was a kid, but you can get out to the middle of nowhere pretty quickly if you want to.

what is your art studio and working environment like? when do you typically clock in?
my studio at the moment is spread between some basement work tables, my computer desk/office, the backyard and the kitchen table. wherever is best suited to whatever it is i’m doing. i’m also fairly disorganized and none of this is on purpose. i’m moving right now and working on making a new studio from scratch, so hopefully this will make everything perfect from here on out. i usually start in the morning with emails and work that involves computering, saving the drawing and painting stuff for later in the day after i wake up fully and get the stressful things off my back. i kinda spread it out all day long, taking dog walking breaks and family time as needed.



when did you start making art? did you always know you wanted to be an artist?
i have drawn since i was a little boy, i don’t really remember not doing it. my uncle could draw and paint and i looked up to him. i guess i never made a decision to be an artist, i just sort of kept doing it until it became what i did.

when did you start drawing?
pre-school battle scenes are my earliest drawing memories.

what is inspiring you these days?
objects and sculptures. banners and flags. old ways. old people singing.

Last good film you saw? good book?
that slint documentary “breadcrumb trails” is incredible.
i just read a book by eric schlosser about nuclear weapons that was amazing but a total bummer. still good!


any secrets or routines you do to help your productivity/creativity?
going for walks and not looking at a computer are good. reading books that are not about art. going to the art museum. taking a sketchbook and sitting outside with a cup of coffee.

you’re a new father right? that’s wild? whats it like maintaining your art practice, baby life and sanity?
yeah having a baby is crazy and it turns your world inside out but i think also can supercharge those connections with the infinite real things in life. my spare time situation is much different and i mainly do things when i’m able, remain loose, and make the most of the thinking time i have while walking around the house at 4am trying to get the little dude to sleep. it’s a new and different method for making things happen which is probably for the best.



if you could have any superpower what would it be?
stopping time and walking around while everything is frozen

what is your favorite spot in the world right now?
i just got this really comfy chair from ikea that feels really nice to sit in with the windows open and the breeze that comes just before a storm blowing past



where do you feel at home?
at home. that sounds stupid, like it should be in a yurt in a jungle or something but i love being at home with the animals and the records and the family and books and all that stuff that i find really comforting and nice.

what are you currently working on?
i’m trying to finish a record i made and a little book of drawings. to go along with it. i have some art shows to make things for. i’m trying to finish up some paintings and care packages for friends that i have let drag on for way too long. i am still trying to work on this art book/audio-visual presentation of failed ideas and art concepts. so much to do!


do you envision a positive future or do you think we are all fucked? apocalypse theories?
i can’t function if i just think we are all screwed. i mean, we probably are, but we might not be, so i might as well try to make things better, try to be a good person, and try to put good things and vibes into the world. i have hope.


what is your spirit animal?
sloth with a beaver tail

what astrological sign are you? do you relate to it? if yes, how?
i am an aquarius. i guess that makes sense to people. i like the ideas of those magical mysteries and all the weird unexplainable stuff in the universe, but i can’t say i practice it too much myself. i’m more into the people that are into it and the possibility of it all.

who are some of your favorite artists currently?
oh man that’s so hard, i feel like i have a hall of fame of people that have left their mark on me. lately though it’s about my friends. they are the people i get to work with and get up close to the process and see all the secret parts and have long conversations about what it all means to make things. so in this moment i think about chris vorhees, kyle field, michelle blade, rich jacobs, katie coles, and maybe 10 other people i’m forgetting and will feel bad about.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 4.28.14 PM


where do you see yourself in 10 years?
hopefully having more things figured out. i kind of want to start painting paintings, like legitimate big paintings on canvas. i could get in to that in the new studio. it would be nice t be doing the same things i’m doing but just more dialed in. i think that comes with age with anything if you keep doing it.

what would be your last meal before execution?
maybe something healthy like a smoothie and a salad or something so i could face the afterworld feeling pumped.


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Drawing Classs

Learn from Nathaniel Russell!

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Snake Poems

Ooooh! Today we release an exclusive silkscreen print by our artist of the month, Nathaniel Russell. Check it out!

Snake Poems, a new silkscreen print made exclusively for our artist of the month series. 2 color silkscreen print, 18 x 24″, signed, edition of 40, 2014.

Get One Here

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Moon and Thinking

A new, contemplative piece by Nathaniel Russell is released today. We love this “Night Suite” series.


Night Suite: Moon and Thinking
watercolor on paper, 7.5″ x 11″, 2014
Get It Here

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Night Suite : Dark Pantry

Has your pantry ever looked like this in the middle of the night?

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 4.28.14 PM

Nathaniel Russell
Night Suite: Dark Pantry
watercolor on paper, 7.5″ x 11″, 2014
Get It Here

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Nathaniel Russell is Artist of the Month!

We are super psyched to feature Nathaniel Russell as our Artist of the Month in May.


Nathaniel Russell makes drawings, paintings, prints, sculptures, and music. After receiving an undergraduate degree in printmaking, he spent several years in the bay area making poster, record covers, and woodcuts. Russell’s work is regularly shown around the world in traditional galleries and informal spaces, usually surrounded by an expanding list of friends, collaborators, and like-minded folk. He returns to his second home of california frequently to work with friends old and new on projects as varied as murals, print workshops, and musical performances.

Words and writing have become a more integrated and essential part of his work, aiding in his search for revealing and exploring the mysteries and wonders of being alive here on planet earth.

Check out this new piece, just released into the world!

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 4.11.54 PM
Night Suite: Comet and Plant, watercolor on paper, 7.5 x 11″, 2014

Get a Closer Look in our Shop

More coming VERY SOON!

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Interview with Alexis Anne Mackenzie


where do you live and what’s it like?
I live in San Francisco, it’s beautiful and cold. I live near the park, in a quiet neighborhood which isn’t overrun with tourists or anything but is close to everything. I love San Francisco for the cool foggy weather and sunny days, the parks, the food, the people, the architecture, the abundant and varied plant life everywhere. This month marks ten years I’ve lived here and this town has been so good to me. It’s a place that gives back what you put into it and it is always nice to be here.


what is your art studio and working environment like? when do you typically clock in?

My studio is in the front room of my apartment, what would be the living room otherwise. I never really clock out… when I’m home I’m usually working. I’ve never had a studio outside my apartment, actually, even when I was in school; I’m hoping to try that sometime in the future. In terms of the studio itself – it’s a lovely, sunny room (although I usually work at night) full of plants – succulents and orchids mostly, everything else dies, my thumb isn’t too green – and books and art. It’s never neat, always cluttered with paper cuttings trailing everywhere and stacks of books falling over every few feet. I try to get organized once in a while but it always just comes apart again once I sit down to work.


when did you start making art? did you always know you wanted to be an artist?
Yeah, I don’t think it ever occurred to me I might want to do anything else, or that being an artist would be hard, or that I might not be good at it. It was just, this is what I’m supposed to do. The only thing I wasn’t sure about what was what kind of art exactly – I mean, I started out drawing, like everyone does for the most part. Then it was watercolors, then collage, then photography… I spent a long time just finding the best way to make work I really loved, and I always came back to collage.


when did you start making collage? you have such precision, how do you do that?
I started collaging in high school, I was taking an art class at the technical center in town and my teacher had us all keep visual journals on the side. I started collaging in those and discovered it came really naturally to me, and that I enjoyed trying new things with it a lot. It’s never stopped being something I have new ideas for and want to try something different with. The precision I think comes from just being really driven to be good, and to show that collage is something that can be hard, and should be taken seriously. The process of working is really escapist and meditative for me – the more focused I am on precision, the more lost in thought I can get, and I love that about it.


what is inspiring you these days?
Oh man, I don’t even know. I’ve never been good at looking at other artists’ work and retaining information about what I see – names of art or shows or that kind of thing – unless I make an effort to write it down. I used to write it all down. But I’m sort of oblivious and operate in a bubble most of the time. Right now I’m deep in a heavy work phase so I’m not even looking at much of anything besides what I’m trying to do. My inspiration has always mostly come from the source material I’m working with – at least it used to, I’m not even sure anymore since I’ve moved further and further into abstract work. I’m trying to find a happy union between my love of vintage botanical imagery and my love of abstract, minimalist work. I think I’m getting closer to it. So I guess it’s about color and texture and shapes and whatever feeling I get from the results of what I’m doing to manipulate the images. I need to get out more, though.


Last good film you saw?
Well, it’s not a film exactly, but everyone should watch Vic & Bob’s House of Fools, it’s weird and hilarious.


you are moving? to another country to boot. are you worried about leaving your art community behind?
Yes! I’m moving to Glasgow sometime in the near future. It’s exciting. I do have some concerns about leaving behind the community I’ve found here in San Francisco, and my American “base” I guess you’d call it, but I have a good feeling about being based in Europe. I’ve had a couple shows there and I think that living there, I’ll be able to do some things that I haven’t necessarily been able to accomplish living in SF. I’m also curious to discover how living in a place which is mostly rainy and grey is going to affect my work. I don’t know, I like a challenge and I like change and growth, and I feel the potential for all of that in Glasgow. I don’t think I’ll be leaving everything behind, my hope is that people will still be interested in seeing whatever I do next, regardless of where I’m doing it, and that this move will be an expansion rather than a loss.


there’s been a flurry of recent articles about the gentrification of san francisco. thoughts?
Yeah… sometimes it feels like that’s all anyone here talks about anymore. I can get a little riled up about it – a lot of the evictions are heartless, the profiteering is heartless, people are definitely getting squeezed out and bad things are happening. But good things are happening too, I guess – I mean, a city having too much money is a better problem than not having enough, it’s just that the influx of money seems to be hurting the people who need it the most. I don’t think this problem is unique to SF these days. Regardless of how anyone feels about any of it, it’s happening, and it makes me sad that everything feels so negative. SF is a beautiful city with so much to offer, and it’s always been a gold-rush town. People come here to make their mark and that’s what’s always happened here. No one should be surprised by what’s going on. But it’s a bummer that longstanding communities are getting trampled so hard by these newcomers and that the city isn’t doing more to protect them in addition to courting the growth. It’s just all happening really fast.


do you have any favorite quotes or mottos?
I like “gold is where you find it” and “health is wealth”. Just themes of appreciation really. Most of us are far luckier than we realize on a day to day basis.


if you could have any superpower what would it be?
I wouldn’t mind being able to fly. It always feels so easy and convenient and nice in dreams. Like I just forgot how to do it while I was awake. Always so bummed to wake up and realize I can’t actually just lift off.


what is your favorite spot in the world right now?
Right now I’m trying to appreciate being in San Francisco as much as possible, because I know I’m leaving, and I know I’ll miss it. One of my favorite things to do is ride my bike to the beach and back. It’s not a spot exactly, but it feels like one.


where do you feel at home?
A few places… I feel at home when I’m in Glasgow and it’s always hard to leave – but when I get back to San Francisco I feel fine again, because SF is also home. I feel at home at my parents’ place in Vermont and my sister’s place in Michigan. I guess I feel at home whenever I’m with my loved ones.


what are you currently working on?
I just finished up a solo exhibition, “Synthesis”, which is currently on view at Eleanor Harwood Gallery here in San Francisco ( That’s on view through May 10th. Right now I’m working on a solo exhibition which will open at Ampersand Gallery in Portland ( I think the show is going to called “Expanse”… Just making the work at the moment and feeling it all out.


do you envision a positive future or do you think we are all fucked? apocalypse theories?
I think some of us, a lot of us, are definitely fucked, but I think humanity has had it coming anyway. I try not to worry about it. I think I’d rather have a natural (if global warming can be called natural) apocalypse than a world war. But if we’re fighting world wars in the future over resources we squander all the time right now, maybe that’s just mother nature’s way of turning us on ourselves. I think everything balances out in the end. Things are obviously unsustainable as is but I think most people feel like the machinery that’s in motion is too big to stop. Solutions are possible but we tie our own hands by failing to agree on anything. We’re all just going to have to deal with whatever happens as it comes.


what is your spirit animal?
I keep having dreams lately where I’m being guided or carried places by dogs. They are always good dreams; I feel concern and appreciation for the dog, but the dog is there to help me, and always gets me where I need to go. In the last one it was a coyote carrying me on its back and when we reached our destination it let me hug it. It was the warmest, most loving hug. The coyote was my friend. So I feel like should say, a dog is my spirit animal. Canines, at least.


what astrological sign are you? do you relate to it? if yes, how?
I’m an Aries. I relate to it more than I used to growing up. I’ve always been easygoing but as I’ve grown older I’ve realized I’m pretty stubborn too. And I’m driven when it comes to my work. I wouldn’t say I’m a full-blooded Aries, but, I was born on the cusp, maybe that dilutes the effects a bit.


who are some of your favorite artists currently?
heidi norton, jacob tillman, russell tyler, laura swanson, daniel arnold


where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Living in Glasgow, making art… I’m planning to start working with textiles, producing my own line of fabrics and wallpapers. So hopefully that takes off and I’ll be doing that as well as my studio practice.


what would be your last meal before execution?
Sushi, fruit, chocolate, and pistachios, with some really nice gin.

Alexis Anne Mackenzie-1

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Daisies by Alexis Anne Mackenzie

Get into the Spring vibe with this beautiful new collage by Alexis Anne Mackenzie!


6 1/4 x 4 inches, collage on paper
Get A Closer Look

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Cinders release New Riso print by Alexis Anne Mackenzie

We are excited to release a new risograph print by Artist of the Month, Alexis Anne Mackenzie! Check it out and get it exclusively from us.


11″ x 14″
3 color risograph, edition of 65
comes with certificate of authenticity by artist
published by Cinders Press

Get a closer look here

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Rose Ghost Here to Haunt You

Check out this beautiful new collage by our artist of the month, Alexis Anne Mackenzie!!


“Rose Ghost II”
8 1/4 x 11 1/2 inches
Hand-cut collage on found paper, 2014

Get A Closer Look Here

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Alexis Anne Mackenzie is our April Artist of the Month!


Get A Closer LOOK

Our first release, Berberis Lologensis by Alexis Anne Mackenzie, a beautiful collage piece by our April Artist of the Month. Collage on found paper, 9 x 6 7/8 inches, signed, 2014. We are excited to have Alexis and share her work with you. Stay tuned…

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New Jams for Humpday

Happy Wednesday!

Here is a brand new piece we just got in by Clark Goolsby….feast your eyes and make them smile.


Acrylic & collage on paper, 10.125 x 10.75 inches, 2014

Get A Closer Look

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New Willmont Jam Birthed Unto the World

Our artist of the month has a new piece that we are releasing today, check it out!

Untitled 4 by Brian Willmont
Ball Point Pen on paper
28″ x 22”

Get A Closer LOOK

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FLIP THE BREAKER :::: Talkin with Brian Willmont

I sat down with Brian Willmont in his studio in Greenpoint last week and we chatted about life and art over donuts and tea. He had the chocolate coconut and I went for the red velvet….


Where are you living? You still in Bed Sty?
Clinton Hill now. I live in a house that friends have had going for 7 or 8 years. I’ve always crashed there and thought of it as an ideal place, so I lucked out to be able to move in.

When did you move to NYC?

4 and a half years ago.


You came from New Mexico, right?
Santa Fe, yeah, I was there for a year and a half. Boston before that.

What were you doing there? Did you need to get away from it all?

I just wanted to get out and figure out my studio practice on my own before coming to a place where all my friends seemed to work to drink for the most part…


Work to drink?
Yeah they weren’t getting anything done….just working a job really hard and getting really tired and then spending their money at the bar. I just wanted to go somewhere quiet to get my work done. And I was definitely chasing boyhood fantasies and dreams about the Southwest. My grandmother is from New Mexico and was the only grandparent I was close with so I grew up with her stories of witches and Cyclops abducting cousins…mountain demons and weird shit like that.


What?? Wait tell me about the Cyclops abduction.
My cousin, who lives like way out in rural New Mexico where there is absolutely nothing, was apparently abducted by a giant Cyclops and taken back to the his lair, tied to a stake and was being prepared to be eaten.

And someone actually witnessed this?
Another family member rescued him but my grandmother told me the story…..with a straight face. When I lived in New Mexico I was regularly warned about witches. If I was talking to someone about going on a little daytrip some place, they would often say, “Oh that sounds really beautiful and fantastic… just don’t stop for anyone along the way at all! Even if it is a beautiful woman, Do not stop for her! She is probably a witch.”


Did you personally have any strange encounters out there?
I saw some weird stuff. There were these shadows that moved around in my studio, they would just be really fast and kind of dart around the space. One night me and my ex were driving our roommates to meet a friend out in the middle of nowhere at this intersection and while I was driving I saw something running next to us. We were driving like 50 miles an hour and there was this big, white, wooly thing running next to us. And we all saw it. It was running parallel to our car and then it just went up this hill.

There are all of these stories about these, I guess they’re witches, they are called Skinwalkers, and they can take the shape of different kinds of animals. There have actually been a lot of sightings of them running alongside cars.


So did that inspire your film, Skinwalker?

Yeah. I knew I was moving to New York so I wanted to take advantage of the space I had out there. I borrowed a warehouse from this art collective called Meow Wolf and I built a 26 foot cardboard World War 2 fighter plane and invited a bunch of friends to come shoot with me. I made a bunch of costumes and thought of some fun places to go shoot.


We camped out for 10 days and we just hung out and shot it all then. It was definitely inspired by the openness to strange and mystical ideas out there. It makes you believe, there is so much nothingness out there and its already such a magical place that you start to think, “Well, why not? Who says there isn’t some guy who turned into a half-beast and is running alongside my car?” It’s a place that really draws creative people and broken people, people who need healing and sometimes want to provide that healing too.



I look around your studio and see lots of sculptures of rifles, rocks, cowboy hats and boots. There are still remnants of the wild desert New Mexico vibe in your work. How do you think living there affected your art?
Well, for one, there was just so much space so I was able to do my work unencumbered. I didn’t know many people, I just lived with my girlfriend at the time and another couple. The boys shared a studio and the girls shared a studio. Haha. To mix things up a little bit. We were all doing work and had our little social network. When I lived in Boston, I was dealing with a lot of ideas that had to do with my family and personal histories, not in an obvious way but that was definitely a springboard for my work then. Being in New Mexico, my work got more layered and hyper visual because it was so under-stimulating there in a certain regard, in a way that I wasn’t used to, so I was making the work a little crazier.


How did you feel when you moved to NY?
I felt so overwhelmed. I had a job driving trucks and doing art handling and in just a couple blocks in Midtown I would see more people than I would see in a week in New Mexico.
All of a sudden instead of being able to see for miles and see the mountains all around you, you couldn’t see more than down the canyon of the city’s corridors.


When did you feel the environment of NY started to affect your art?

That took kind of awhile. The first year I was still making very Southwestern inspired work. But then NY started slowly seeping in. The imagery was getting more minimal I think because I was just so overwhelmed. I needed to make quieter, more meditative works. Things I could just sort of sit there and stare at, kind of slump over like a drunk staring into it.


So, now you are all set up in NY with a sweet studio. What’s your working routine like these days?
I come in as soon as I can everyday I can. I have a late schedule so I come in at noon. I usually have a lot of things going at once. Things require drying time so I’ll put it aside and move on. I listen to music, like Townes Van Zandt, Abner Jay, weird electronic music that Cody Defranco gave me from the 70s, that dude from Tangerine Dream.


What was the first concert you ever went to?
My friend’s dad took us to a free show outdoors, They Might Be Giants…. and I think Ministry maybe?

Really? Whoah what a combo.
Hmmm, yeah maybe it wasn’t Ministry. Haha. It was something really weird like that.
The first show I went to on my own was at the Rathskeller in Boston.

Oh yeah THE RAT. Infamous. The Queers sang about goin to the Rat,
Yeah totally. Iconic. I saw Dropkick Murphy’s, Duckie Boys, the Swinging Utters, and the US Bombs in 1996.

Nice. Duane Peters’ band, Hey what do you like to snack on in the studio? I always like to have snacks around when I’m working…

Haha yeah, I like to have chips but I gotta drink em from the bag because otherwise you get your hands all greasy. I like the Kettle Jalapeno or Thai-spiced ones. I got some salami over here.


Are you a breakfast dude?
I love breakfast, I eat it everyday. It doesn’t matter how late I go till my first meal, breakfast will be number one. I pretty much will always eat 3 meals a day even if it is in a 6 hour period.

Noo, tea. I stopped drinking coffee, started to fuck me up pretty good. I love it though.

Car or bike?
I ride my bike pretty much everyday. I have a handmade Panasonic track bike from Japan.


You know I think the first time I met you was through APENEST. How did that get started?

Cody Hoyt and I were in school together. We were printmakers and had a little art collective called Drawing Club where we would make collaborative drawings once a week. We made little artist books too and Cody and I would spend late nights at Kinko’s paying off the midnight shift workers to let us make unlimited copies. It just took off from there, We decided to make something a little more real. First we thought it was gonna be more like an art magazine and find advertisers. Everyone thought it was a cute idea but no one wanted to give us any money. Except for one guy who was willing to pay for the whole project if we gave him a portfolio with a piece from each artist. So that’s how we got that together and it ended up being 2 books, a few exhibitions, and a bunch of prints…


I was really impressed with the quality of the art in those books. Was that the first time you started curating?

Yeah doing that and we put together some art shows in local spots in Boston. I have always liked doing stuff with other artists and have there be a community involved rather than it be such a solo jam. I’ve always been envious of people in bands that get to go on tour and have a gang who motivate each other and get to share their work to people together.

Was that the same type of catalyst that got you started doing Greenpoint Terminal Gallery?
Yeah, I just had space (in my studio). Both projects were built off a solid foundation of naivete, which I think is very important. Haha. Who knows what I wouldn’t have taken on if I’d known how much work it’d be.

How is it running a gallery as an artist?

Its really enlightening with some things. Seeing how difficult artists are to work with and being on the other end of that. Remembering when I thought my difficultness was par for course…

Do you feel like it affects your practice at all?

Makes my time more valuable because I have less of it. When I get in the studio I get straight to it. And I’m working with people that I’m definitely inspired by.


What’s coming up there?
A Matt Leines show, then a show of my own work…which was a strange idea at first but I’m going to do it.


That’s always an interesting feeling – showing yourself. Are you going to tell everyone who walks in that you are the artist or are you going to make up a persona?

I probably won’t build a facetious character.

I used to do that at Cinders, lie about my name.
Really? You’d be like the “gallerist.” “I’m Alfredo Bon Jour.” Haha.

Yeah totally. Or sometimes we had a fake boss named Bruce and when people came in and asked questions I didn’t want to answer, I’d just say, I didn’t know and that I just work here. “My boss Bruce calls the shots but he’s not here.”

So, you are still going to be Brian Willmont?
Yeah haha I’ll be Brian Willmont for the show.


Ok moving on to the real important stuff….
If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?

To slow down time. That or teleportation.


What’s your sign?
I’m a Libra, thanks for asking.

Are you currently single?
Uhh, yeah…


Why do you stay in NYC? Its such a pain in the ass, right?

I was asking myself that when I was in Joshua Tree last week haha. But I think all the old reasons to be here still stand up. As much as everyone else would like to think that NY is dead, there’s just so much happening here on any given day, so many people doing cool things, its inspiring.

You think you’ll be here for awhile?

I don’t think I’ll leave anytime soon. Its nice out today, the weather is starting to turn and it’ll be spring soon.


Do you get a lot of work done in the winter?
Yeah, well I get to the studio and then I don’t want to leave.

Ok, wrapping things up, what would your last meal be before your execution?
I don’t want your pity meal, fuck you and flip the breaker.


Interview by Sto Len
All Images courtesy of the artist

See Brian Willmont’s available work here

Stay Tuned for more new releases by Brian throughout March!!

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Willmont Piece Released!

Untitled 6 by Brian Willmont
ballpoint pen on paper, 18 x 24 inches, signed, 2014.


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New drawing by Brian Willmont

Happy Monday!

Today we release a new drawing by our artist of the month, Brian Willmont! Enjoy…

Picture 2
Untitled 2
Acrylic on paper, 21 x 13 inches, signed, 2014.
Get a better look

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Artist of the Month Zine Release at Printed Matter Thurs!


Come celebrate the official release of Cinders Gallery’s Artist of the Month Interview zine. Some of the artists will also be in attendance to sign copies. The first issue is a collection of interviews with all of the artists featured in their monthly series. The interviews are an interesting and intimate look into the lives, ideas, studio practices and inspirations of some of our favorite artists.

Featuring Morgan Blair, Brian Chippendale,Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels, Kyle Field, Leif Goldberg, Clark Goolsby, Maya Hayuk, Mel Kadel, Aidan Koch, Nick Kuszyk, Allyson Mellberg, Elisita Punto, Tod Seelie, Eric White and Andrew Jeffrey Wright

55 pages, 8 color risograph, limited edition of 100, Cinders Press

THURSDAY March 6th 6-8pm
195 Tenth Avenue, New York, New York 10011
See the Facebook Invite and RSVP

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Brian Willmont is Artist of the Month in March


We were first introduced to Brian Willmont when we got our hands on his inspiring publication Apenest, which he co-curated with artist Cody Hoyt. It was a hefty book that featured an impressive collection of contemporary underground artists with whom we felt an immediate affinity to. We became fast friends (as well as fans) and in 2010 Brian curated a stellar group exhibition called Plain Air at Cinders that featured work by the Apenest crew. Since then we have featured Brian in various group exhibitions and are super proud to present him as Artist of the Month in March.

Brian Willmont is an artist that works in multiple series at a time, expanding and experimenting his personal language within each body of work. From videos out in the desert featuring 26 foot cardboard airplanes to using fire and snow to draw on paper, Brian is relentlessly pushing the envelope in any given medium.
This month we are featuring his recent works on paper. Fusing abstraction and bold imagery, these pieces continually play with the dichotomy of a tightly controlled hand and a loose, chance-taking process. Obsessive ballpoint pen lines configure shapes that float atop smoky airbrushed backgrounds while taped off grids tear away parts of the lines making the calculated become more human and organic. We are excited to introduce all of Brian’s work to you this month! Enjoy these 2 new drawings…

Untitled (Dark Light 1)
Gouache on paper, 22 x 16 inches, signed, 2013.
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Untitled #1
ballpoint pen on paper, 28 x 22 inches, signed, 2014
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See more work by Brian Willmont Here and stay tuned for lots more all month!

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Volvo by Artist of the Month Kevin Hooyman

Hooray! Its another beautiful drawing by Kevin Hooyman…feast your eyes!
Makes me wanna go on a roadtrip to the redwoods…


Volvo by Kevin Hooyman
11″ x 17″
ink on paper
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Puppetmaster by Kevin Hooyman
11″ x 17″
colored pencil and ink on paper

Get A closer look HERE

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